Hop aboard for the holiday ride of your life! Juliette Goodrich and Dick Jones combined talents to write this story, and document this annual train event in Sunol, California.

Keep watching this web page to find out the latest schedule of signings, and get your own copy of this wonderful childrens book just in time for the holidays.

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Follow this link to see Juliette's interview on CBS5 about the book. INTERVIEW

Juliette Goodrich, Author and Emmy award winning television news anchor, was inspired to write "The Train of Lights" after riding on the train with her children. A native of the area, she enjoys writing childrens books about local landmarks. She also wrote "The Little Light Shines Bright" which celebrates the worlds longest burning lightbulb at a fire station in Livermore, California. Her three children inspire her to keep writing and often times they help her craft the storyline to make it fun to young readers.

Dick Jones is a retired Component Design Engineer, Commercial Pilot and Lecturer. He met Juliette when they worked together on the 100th Anniversary Party for the Centennial Bulb.
Dick, and his wife Dodie, have been married over 42 years and have 2 daughters, and 6 grandkids. He says Juliette is the creative one, and he provides the inspiration to support her efforts. Dick has over 40,000 pictures in stock and you can see more of his work at his links below.

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New Train Photos 2011

Juliette & Dick at Canyon Railway in Sunol.........................November 26, 2011
Photos on the caboose by the webmaster..............................December 17, 2010

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The price for each copy is $13.90 plus Shipping.

To order your own copy go to: AUTHORHOUSE


If you are local to the Bay Area, you can purchase your own copy directly from the Livermore Heritage Guild located at the Carnegie Building in at 2155 3rd St. in Livermore, CA.

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