Sue's Page

This page is simply for fun.

 Sue's Work

I work at home as
a full time Mom of 2
teens & Housewife.
I've been helping
Steve with making web pages.

 Sue's Hobbies

I like working in our
yard. I love animals
(except cat hair). I
like traveling, hikes,
picnics, camping,
and have fun with my
new friends at the Star Trek club, the Reliant.

I am dressed as a Trill

I was married to Steve January 2, 1977. Here are 2 pics of the wedding cake.


 Authors: Science Fiction-Quantum Leap Books
Fiction- James Mitchner
 Actors: Classic Male: Dean Stockwell
Classic Female: Barbara Eden
Modern Male: Scott Bakula
Modern Female: Linda Hamilton
 Artists: Classical: Rembrandt
Graphic: Ralph McQuarrie
Fantasy: The Brothers Hildebrandt
 Movies: Classics: Somr Like it Hot
Musical: Singin in the Rain
Sci-Fi: Robinson Crusoe on Mars
Comedy: Crazy People
Western: Silverado
 Music: Classical: Mozart
Modern: Scott Bakula
Jazz: Dave & Don Gruison
New Age: Windham-Hill Artists
Screen: John Williams

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