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This page is simply for fun

Once upon a time a friend introduced me to a light bulb. To see the rest of the story go to The picture above was taken for the movie "The Light Bulb Conspiracy" by Cosima Danotizer from Spain.

Since coming to Georgia my longest trip from home has been to TN to see the Impracticle Jokers, with Hester & David. On the way we stopped at Lookout Mountain. Oh, and I grew a beard. Let's see how long it lasts.

Sue wore her mom's dress. Very pretty for my blushing bride.

Sue & I met while attending Chabot Jr. College in 1972. She was my first girl friend, we fell in love, and were married on Jan. 22, 1977, and will be celebrating 35 years this January.
I love you honey!

 Steve's Career

I retired from Sandia
Labs, as a designer
and technician. I did
a large variety of
jobs from drafting
to software engr.

 Bunn Graphics

I have a PC at home that
has Solidworks, Photoshop,
MS Office, a Sony digital
camera, and 26 years
of experience that I am
using for Bunn Graphics.
My best customer is
Custom Plastics.

A rare picuture from my Sandia office.

 Authors: Science Fiction-Kevin J. Anderson
Fantasy- JRR Tolkein
Fiction- James Michener
Western- Louis L'Amour
 Actors: Classic Male: Charleton Heston
Classic Female: Jean Simmons
Modern Male: Harrison Ford
Modern Female: Helen Slater
 Artists: Classical: Rembrandt
Graphic: Ralph McQuarrie
Fantasy: The Brothers Hildebrandt
 Movies: Classics: Lawrence of Arabia
Musical: Sound of Music
Sci-Fi: Star Wars
Comedy: Laurel & Hardy
Western: Silverado
 Music: Classical: Mozart
Modern: James Taylor
Jazz: Dave & Don Grusin
New Age: Windham-Hill Artists
Screen: John Williams
& Danny Elfman


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