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This page is dedicated to us, for the last 25 years of
freindship, and 20 years of marriage and a wonderful

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25 years Ago

We met while attending Chabot Jr. College in 1972, at
a christian club on campus. One of our first activities
we did together was to make Cream Puffs as a group,
for a fund raiser at the school. Sue hasn't had one


Married in 1977

We were married at First Baptist
Church in Castro Valley.
We had over 300 freinds in
attendance, including Steve's
best freind David Sudmeier
from Washington, and his
Uncle Marshall and family
from Illinois.
Funny memories. Steve told
his brother Jim, his best man,
dumb jokes to calm him down.
Sue got kissed on the cheek
by Steve's cousin Billy, and
was supprised because he
was a stranger.

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