This page is focusing on the Mary Lawrence family in Black Shear, Georgia, the town where she and her daughter Jerry and her family call home.

Sue, Mary, & Jerry

Jacksonville, Florida


When we came to Jacksonville we were welcomed by Mary and Jack Jackson in Jacksonville. Our fondest memories were of meeting the family, and then our day trips of starting in our countries oldest town, St. Augustine, Florida, and then hitting a wall of water from huricane Charlie. Picture Link.

St Augustine

Fountain of Youth

Alligator Farm

Olustee Battefield

Stephen Foster Memorial

Lawrence & Norris Families


Black Shear, Georgia

Cotton Field

Pool in Waycross 2008

Kathy's 2008

California Trips

Mary & Jack


San Francisco

In 2006 Mary & Jack came out to the Bay Area on AMTRAK. We had a great visit
and Jack got to see his first redwood tree. Please visit the other pages at Smugmug.

Jerry's Kids

Corey's Visit

Coty's Visit

Corbin's Visit

Over a three year period we brought out each of Jerry's sons to see Calif. for the first time.
We took each of them to several places to see the fun, and crazy place where we call home.
Corbin also got in on the party for the 110 year old light bulb!