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How This Surname Originate?

time collecting genealogical and historical information on the Bunn family.

Perhaps the name was transported across the English Channel as a Christian name during or soon after the Norman invasion in 1066. The name however; was also commonly used in Germany at an ancient date. It is probable that some English families as well as American families of the name are of German descent. A study of the history of surnames of the British Isles by Lauer, states that "Norman names are often of Teutonic (Ancient German Tribe) origin." /2 Thus there is the possibility that the name Bunn or some corruption or the spelling might have originated in Germany.

Migrations of people could easily have found their way across the European Continent, thence to Normandy and then across the English Channel into the Southern Counties of England, Norfolk, Suffolk, Middlesex, Essex, and Kent. At any rate, the name Bunn is found in ancient European records extending over several hundreds of years and also over early American records in the various spellings of Bon, Bonne, Bonn, Bun, Buns, Bunns, Bunce, Bunne, Bunn and others. The last of the names mentioned is the most generally used in America today.

Among the early records of the name in England are those of Boone Welle of County Norfolk in 1273; those of Walter Buns of Oxfordshire about the same time; those of John de Bunn of county Sussex in the latter thirteenth century; those of Rocelin le Bun of Wiltshire at a slightly later date; those of Roger or Rogerus Bonne and Johannes or John Bunne of Yorkshire about 1379 and, those of Josias Bunn of Hertfordshire at a later period. These early bearers of the name appear to have been largely of the British landed gentry and yeomanry.

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