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A Distinguished Family

Note: The following letter was too faint for the copy machine and had to be typed.
To Hyatt, Betsy, Densey Bunn

July 30th AD 1855,

Dear children, after so long a time of si1ence I would say to you that time, nor distance has not in the least has severed my affection from my dear children in Illinois, and would see them if I was able I would soon be at your homes to see you &. my grand children whom God hath given me once more before I die. But we do not know if we shall ever have that unspeakable pleasure. We were glad to hear that Hyatt and Betsy and several of our grand children had joined the church and hope they will all be steadfast in the faith and practice of the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ: and. finally be admitted into his immediate presence and enjoy- his eternal pleasure, ___ time, my family, to him, ___ and I answer all are we1l.

James has a fine little son, call him Mathius Barkdall. He is about 13 weeks o1d.We have had three floods this summer which has done immense damage in sweeping away bridges, mill dams, fences, horses, cattle, and sheep, and. some houses and' two men were drowned'. The Muddy Fork was 18 inches-at least higher than ever before since I settled' here. Crops are very good this season. I suppose that this will be wheat enough in this county viz, Wayne, Co. to supply one third of the state of Ohio, the corn crop is beyond all calculation. Corn will be half a crop, last year was an entire failure. This season abundant it is thought by some that wheat will fall to 19 cts - per bushel We can say of the Lord as the psalmist thou crownest the year with thy goodness.

I have determined to come out to see you the latter part of Oct or the fore part of Novb. next if the Lord will. But this is the third time I have appointed to come see you within three years. Twice I have been hindered and it may be I shall this time. You must not look for me until come. P.S., I thank Elizabeth for her friendly letter and also Sarah. I think I willwrite to them before long. Please give my best respects to all the friends in that region.Tell my qrand children I want them to procure an amplitude of honey and some of those delicious qrapes which they grow spontaneous in this pleasant
country and we will have a sweet picnic together when I come.

Roxana Hazard departed this life July 1st AD 1812, aged. 23 yrs. The following is the substance of her last words and my own reflections on that occasion,

1) Farewell dear partner, spare the dying saint, farewell to all around. a long farewell. I see that glory which no tongue can paint. I'm filled, I'm fulI of God, in him dwell.
2) I see the glorious savoir on his throne, ten thousand, times ten thousand., round. him stand and glory glory in my soul began. I soon shall reach fair Cannons' happy land.
3) She spake, and glory dwelt upon her tongue her quivering lips' sang the almighty name and glory glory was her only song. While all her powers dwelt in immortal flame.
4) In gusts of praise she shouted out her breath all ruified with quickening poises she lay, till calmly, slumbering in the arms of death to wake no more until the Judgement day.
5) But could I trace her spirits wondrous flight on wings of love I'd see her mount on high and find her rest with all the saints in light to dwell with Christ forever in the sky.
6) No more dear partner shall I see thy face till through the gloom I shall thy footsteps trace. Then by almighty power again we'll meet, and in the abodes of peace each other greet,
7 ) Where sorrows cease and, endless pleasures roll and. everlasting glory fill the soul. There ever in our saviors image thine, and. all be love immortal and divine.
8) And in that day of general apize the son of God shall bid our dust to rise. Our souls and bodies then shall reunite to dwell with God forever in his sight. There we shall love, and love wlthout a weep,
9) God be the center of our happiness, the saints and angels equally admire, the co-eternal God, our only sire, all c1ap the wing, and. with one accord, cry holy, ho1y, holy is the Lord.

N.B. your brothers and. sisters all send their love to you and. your families. I remain as ever your sincere friend, and. affectionate father.
John Hazard


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