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A Distinguished Family

It is believed that Rev. John Hazard preached in the old log building known as a blockhouse in the War of 1812, later known as a schoolhouse, and finally called Oak Chapel. This site was shown the writer in the early autumn of 1953 by Mrs. Loyd Warner, wife of the owner of the farm where "Oak Chapel" was formerly located. This site is just a few rods off U.S. Highway - four miles west of Wooster, Ohio.

Methodistism played a prominent part in the spiritual lives of many of the Bunns and their lineage from near the beginning of the l9th century. Probably a few short paragraphs inserted at this place is worthy of space.

Methodistism originated at the University of Oxford, England, in1729. Thirty-six years later the first class enrolled in the United States with only four members. Two years later the first church was built in New York City, l767. In 1784 John Wesley and two other presbyters ordained Thomas Coke as a General Superintendent or Bishop and sent him to America to ordain deacons and elders.

This same year the celebrated Christmas Conference was held Baltimore- From this time the Methodist Episcopal Church began take an organized form in the New World.

In addition to being a minister, Rev. John was also a schoolteacher. Hill's History of Ashland County states; "Rev. John Hazard, a gentleman of good English education volunteered to instruct the children of the pioneers- He resided in the northeast-part of Montgomery Township on section eleven," (then Wayne, but now Ashland County, Ohio). /6

The writer's father well remembered that his grandfather rode horseback that four hundred miles from his home in Ohio to the home of his daughters, Betsey and Dencey, in Illinois about 1854. The photostatic copy of the letter appearing on the following pages indicates that he hoped to make the journey to Illinois in the near future, and he did. Commenting on the character of his grandfather Hazard, William Benton, Sr., used to say: "Grandfather was every inch a devout Christian. He was a very kind, family loving type of man. We all dearly loved him.
He radiated a wholesomeness, wherever he went."

Moses, in Psalms 90:17 commenting on the frailty of human life and the State of the godly said in his prayers; "Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish thou the work of our hands upon us". /7

This, too, was the philosophy and the wish of Rev. John Hazzard. There is constantly much beauty that surrounds us. The fleecy clouds, the golden sunrise, the shimmering green of the leafy trees, the songs of the birds, the beauty of the blossoms, the fruits of the trees, the harvest of the fields, and the glorious sunsets pass each year in endless review. Even so, nothing is so deeply beautiful nor as tasting as the beauty of the good life.

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