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A Distinguished Family

Thomas Hazard (1610-1680), ship carpenter, surveyor, and planter, probably originally from Nottinghamshire, England, was the first of the Hazards who came to America. However, he came to America immediately from Lyme Regis, Dorset on the channel, to Boston, Mass., with Martha and his son Robert, in 1635 or shortly before, where he was admitted as a freeman. From Boston he went to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, where he was admitted as a freeman in 1538. He was a signer of the compact for the settlement of Newport, Rhode Island, 1639, admitted as a freeman, and then appointed with three others to lay out the town of Newport in 1539. He was appointed a member of the General Court of Elections in 1640. He was also one of the founders of Newton, Long Island, in 1552. Here he was a magistrate under the Dutch, 1654-55; a member of the Governor's Council, 1554; but returned to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in 1655. His name appears again at Newton, l555 and 1665. His first wife, Martha, died 1569. Later in 1675, he married a lady named Martha Sheriff, widow of Thomas Sheriff of Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island- She died in 1691. Robert, his son, bitterly objected to his father's second marriage and was said to have been disinherited.

The probably direct line of descent beginning with --
Thomas (1610-1680) is:
Robert2, born 1635 in England, married Mary Brownell (i639-1739),
was Deputy Governor of Rhode Island 1564-1665, 1570-1571, died l710.

George3, born about 1664 or 65, married Penelope Arnold, was assistant Governor l702-03, and member of the General Assembly 1732-33, died 1743.

Oliver4, born September 13, 1710, (Youngest child in a recorded family of six, twenty years younger than oldest sister).

Stuart or Stewart5, of Southington, Connecticut, Oxford and Lisle, New York, (1745-1833) a Revolutionary War pensioner, was born in Glasco, now Blandford, Mass., 1745, died in Triangle, Broome County, New York, 1833; he served as a Captain of a Militia Company, Caughnawaga, Tryon County, New York, 1776-1777. Moved to Southington, Connecticut, was a private in Col. Wells Conn. regiment, I777-80; removed to Chenango County, New York, between 1790-1800.

The U. S. census of 1790 lists:
"Hazard, Stuart, Southing to a, Hartford County, Conn., head of a family consisting of himself and four other free white males, under 15 years of age, one free white male, 15 years of age or upward, and two free white females, no slaves." Apparently other than Stuart, there was a wife, a daughter, and five sons. His wife's name was Rachel, who died about 1808- The names of three of his sons are known. These are:
Evans, born in Southington, Connecticut, 1773-74, married in 1795 to Abigail Hawley of Arlington, Vermont. Removed to Chenango County, New York, from Guilford, same county, to Bradford County, Pennsylvania, between 1835 and 1842; died 1851.

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