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A Distinguished Family

When the two eldest sons of Benjamin6, (Hyatt, and Benjamin Jr.), married the two eldest daughters of the Reverend John Hazard, (Betsey, and Deacey), a distinguished family entered the direct family lineage that this writer is tracing.

The name Hazard, Hazzard, and Hassard is taken from the place where the first family settled in England. The Hazard family is probably of Norman extraction. According to numerous English records available in both the Newberry Library /1 and the Institute of American Genealogy /2, the family originated with the lst Duke De Charante, who lived in France along the Swiss border. Twenty-one generations are listed beginning about 1060. The son of the lst Duke DeCharante was a Crusader. He was known as the 2nd Duke De Charante. For some unknown reason, he rebelled against the King of France. As the quarrel raged, he feared for the lives of his family. His eldest son, the 3rd Duke De Charante, stayed with his father. The two Dukes, father and eldest son, fought it out with the King. They were defeated in battle and killed; their castles were leveled, and their estates were confiscated. However, the Duchess, wife of the 2nd Duke De Charante, and the younger son, only ten years old, and brother of the 3rd Duke De Charante, escaped to England under the protection of a Doctor Foulke. The Duchess and her young son successfully established a home in England. Thus, this son, listed in English histories as Hazard of Hazards, became the first English ancestor of the family.

The Duchess died in London. Her surviving son took the name of Hassard, Hazard, or Hazzard, from the manor of that name. He settled in Gloucestershire where his descendants continued to reside for a long but indefinitely known period, but far exceeding a century. Then, at least one or more of the descendants purchased land in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

In the eleventh generation dating from the lst Duke De Charante there was a Robert Hazard who served as a member of parliament from Lyme, during the reign of Henry VIII. Later English generations also included other Hazards who were members of parliament.

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