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Hyatt7, Early Pioneer
of Ohio and Illinois

(6) William Benton8, born June 3, 1838, married Sarah Jane Smith, February 7, 1860. After death .........of first wife, married second wife, Fannie Bowers Riftner, a widow, June 26, l892. William .........Benton died March 23, 1912.
(7) Roxana8, born June 2, 1840, married Samuel Oram Leathers, April 4, 1860, died January 30, .........1904.
(8) Dencey Almyra8, born March 7, 1843, married Silas W. Leathers, July 29, 1860, died May 8, ........1880.
(9) Rebecca Ann8, born March 24, 1845, married Daniel C. Boorom, December 12, 1871, died .........April 22, 1888.
(10) Hyatt Miles8, born May 17, 1847, married Elma Ferran, May 9, 1869, died March 11, 1927.
(11) Pamilla Jane8, born August 21, 1852, married Peter R. Fisher, November 21, 1871, died .........February 14, 1916.

Hyatt and Betsey had four living children when the Bunn caravan, which included nine families, pulled stakes in east central Ohio, and moved westward into cast southeast Illinois.

The youngest child, William Benton Bunn, was a babe of only two or three months when the westward trek started. This was in the early autumn of 1838. Nine covered wagons pulled by horses or ox teams furnished the transportation for the caravan. Several cattle, mostly cows, were driven behind the wagons. This moving van stirred up an almost unbelievable amount of dust as the caravan trudged westward during those dry autumn days.

Mothers, with babes in their arms including Betsey with her young son, William Benton, Sr., are said, according to hand-me-down stories, to have walked mile after mile behind the wagons. The dust fog was so terrific that mothers were forced to trail the caravan in order to keep the babes from choking to death. Certainly these young mothers experienced unusual hardships attempting to care for their children while their men folk were moving to a new area in search of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It is fitting and proper that the Daughters of the American Revolution recognized the pioneer mothers with a beautiful monument. It is a work of art by the famous sculptor, the late Lorado Taft. This monument bears the inscription: "Madonna of the Trail, A Memorial to the Pioneer Mothers of the Covered Wagon Days". The setting of this monument is the lawn of the o1d State House Building, Vandalia, Illinois. A Photograph of this memorial is printed on the next page.

This memorial symbolizes our ancestor, Betsey Hazard Bunn, as well as those of thousands of other pioneer mothers, blue bloods if you please, who heroically performed toward building America. Many of the pioneer mothers were descendants of Revolutionary soldiers. Stuart Hazard, grandfather of Betsey Hazard Bunn, served this country for more than three years during the Revolutionary War. Is it any wonder?

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