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The Hyatt Lineage

Become Bunn Kin

P.S. -- Since writing the above I have remembered that a branch of the Hyetts of Sydney settled at Wotton-under-Edge, in Gloucestershire, and made money as cloth manufacturers. Some of them migrated to London, and a William of London, merchant, before 1693, bequeathed L.50 for
the benefit of the poor of Wotton-under-Edge; and his brother Robert bequeathed L .500 for the same purpose.

There was a John Hyett who was an uncle of Charles Hyett who built my house, who left L. 1400 to the Charity School of * (?)' You may be related to the Wotton Hyetts.

Galen Hiett Swimley, Bunker Hi1l, West Virginia, comments on the remarks of Sir Francis A. Hyett as follows:

"Sir Francis makes the attempt to spell out the origin of the Saxon 'Hye yat'. Roger must have been the first to hold the office mentioned (I066), as the coat of arms is practically identical with that of Tubervilles (D'Urbervilles). The hypothesis suggests itself that he came to England as Roger D'Urberville. Also, that the place name 'de Ayeatt' (of the Hye yat) was given him to distinguish him from other D'Urbervilles, possibly brothers."

Whatever the facts are, the Hyatts lived centuries in Old England. But like the Bunns they were among the early colonial families who came to America. Perhaps several families bearing the name Hyatt, or a closely associated spelling, came long before the Revolutionary War.
Early families were usually large. For this reason it is very difficult and frequently impossible to trace early direct ancestors.

The Hyatt emigration in America was very similar to that of the early Bunns. Margaret, wife of Benjamin Bunn6 belonged to the fifth and possibly to the sixth generation of American Hyatts.

Although Charles N French did an immense amount of research work over a twenty-five years span trying to unsnarl the direct Hyatt lineage of Margaret, he was only partially successful.

He did prove that her father was Hezekiah. Her grand-father was probably Elisha (Elishua) but he was unable to prove the ancestry further back. None of her direct maternal ancestors are known.

Hezekiah Hyatt, Sr., owned lands along Buffalo Creek, Brooke County, West Virginia, as early as l787. He died prior to 1803 when his heirs conveyed lands in Brooke County. Hezekiah had two sons - Hezekiah, Jr., and Ezekiel. Hezekiah, Jr., moved to Ohio. In 1816 he lived in
Muskingham County when he and his wife Jane conveyed lands in West Virginia. Ezekiel Lived in Brooke County, West Virginia in l8l6'

Daughters in the Hezekiah, Sr., family included: I Mary Hyatt Robinett, 2Easter (possibly Esther) Hyatt Wilason, 3Amerila Hyatt Jones, 4Priscaleh Hyatt Robinett, 5Ann Hyatt McCantire, and 6Margaret (Peggy) Bunn.

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