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The Hyatt Lineage

Become Bunn Kin

The marriage of Benjamin Bunn6 and Margaret Hyatt united two very early American families of English descent.

The marriage of the couple is recorded in the courthouse records in Brooke County Virginia (now Wellsburg, West Virginia).

The marriage license issued reads: "August l5, 1804, Margaret Hyatt to Benjamin Bunn -- Book 1A -- 16. This is to certify that on the 16th day of August, 1804, the right of marriage was celebrated between Benjamin Bunn and Margaret Hyatt both of Brooke County, State of Virginia, agreeable to a license issued from said county. Witness my hand and seal this l7th day of September and year above written" -William Willson.

Consideration is given for the first time relative to the maternal ancestors and their families. Information heretofore was unavailable about maternal ancestors.

According to tradition, the ancestor of the Hyatt branch was Roger Ayeatt, one of William the conqueror's followers who crossed the English Channel and settled in England following the successful conquest of William the Conqueror in the year 1066.

The original Ayeatt supposedly was changed over the centuries to Iott, Hiott, Hyatt, Hiatt, Hiett, etc., not however, in the above order.

A letter addressed to Galen Hiett Swimley, Bunker Hill, West Virginia, a quarter of a century ago from Sir Francis A. Hyett of England stimulates the imagination. A complete copy follows:

Painswick llouse,
1, iii, 27.

Dear Sir:

I can give you some information about the Hyetts of Painswick (of whom I am nominal representative, but from whom I am not descended) but I am unable to determine whether there is any link between them and your relatives.

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