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An Introduction Our Name

To the Men of America /2

You talk of your roan-colored filly,
Your heifer so shapely and sleek,
No place shall be filled in your stanchions,
By stock that's unworthy or weak.
But what of the stock of your household?
Have they wandered beyond your ken?
O, what is revealed in the round-up
That brands the daughters of men?

And what of your boy? Have you measured
His needs for a growing year?
Does your mark as his sire, in his features,
Mean less than your brand on a steer?
Thoroughbred -- that is your watchword,
For stable and pasture and pen;
But what is your word for the homestead?
Answer, you breeders. of men!

Much of the information about those early generations of the Bunn
lineage would have been gone forever had it not been for the interest and
persevering research of the late Charles N. French over his lifetime.
French was interested in tracing the Bunn lineage because his wife was
a Bunn. Over the years he collected an enormous amount of valuable
material. However, death came before he organized and prepared the
material for publication. /3

Fortunately Arley Earl Bunn who for many years had been actively
interested in the Bunn genealogy came into possession of the French
collection. This source material lent to the writer made the completeness
of this volume possible. /4

In addition to the above material the writer is very grateful to Arley
Earl Bunn for making available the detailed information about the Bunn
family beginning with Benjamin of Poughkeepsie and family (chapter 7)
and Later generations.

Along with the above acknowledgments the writer would be remiss if
he did not acknowledge the inspiration received from his father about
his paternal family. The writer is particularly glad to record the in-
formation obtained from his father. otherwise, much of it would be lost
sooner or later. The author of this volume is the only living descendant
who recalls most of the handed down stories related by his father.

/l Osborn H. Oldroyd, Words of Lincoln, The Mershen Company Press, Rahway, N.J. - 1895.

/2 Miss Rose Trumbull, Scottsdale, Arizona.

/3 Charles N. French, an attorney who lived in Chicago, husband of Eva Bunn, daughter of John Hazard Bunn(8), Benjamin(7), Benjamin(6).

/4 Arley Earl Bunn(10), Joseph(9), Harrison(8), Solomon(7), Benjamin(6)

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