Lighting Ancestral Lamps

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Benjamin6, Patriarch
Southern Illinois Bunn Clan

that have followed, since many are ardent church workers, Many stories yet remain relating to his steadfastness forthright living, and his staunch and outspoken stand for Righteousness.

This worthy forefather passed away at the home of his daughter, Rebecca Milligan, near the west county line of Lawrence county Illinois, January 9, 1855, age 73 years, 1 month, 20 days. He is buried as previously mentioned in what is now an abandoned cemetery known as the old Prairieton Cemetery, a short distance north of the old Vincennes St. Louis trail (now Illinois Route 12) just across the Richland county line in Lawrence County. Margaret, his wife, commonly called "Peggie" preceded him in death by more than eleven years. She died September 20, 1843, age 5l years. She is buried by the side of her husband./2

In final conclusion, the text from whence the minister spoke at Benjamin's funeral is found in Romans 8th chapter: l8th verse -"For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed to us". /3

Thus ends a partial story of a great ancestral pioneer and the patriarch of the southern Illinois Bunn Clan.

/1 Knapp's history of Wayne County, Ohio

/2 The cemetary is now in the middle of a cornfield on the top of a small knoll. Interesting driving through corn stalks to get to it, but well worth it.

/3 Romans 8th Chapter: 18th verse

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