Lighting Ancestral Lamps

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Benjamin6, Patriarch
Southern Illinois Bunn Clan

(l) Solomou Poe8, born -----, married Jennie Hardy, March 29, 1883. died ?
Mary Ann Bunn7 Steward died March, 1860.

(10) ...Silas7:
Tenth and youngest child of Benjamin6 and Margaret was born in Wayne County, Ohio, June 3, 1823, married Rebecca Joy at Mt. Carmel, Illinois, October 20, 1845, died December 26, 1898.

To this union was born:
(l) Joseph Nye8, born August 23, 1846, married Emma Lose, November 30, 1865, died -----, .........Joseph Nye served in the Union Army during the Civil War in Co. B. l6th Iowa Volunteer .........Regiment.
(2) Benjamin Ephriam8, born July 16, 1848, married Martha Mathews, May 26, 1872, died .........October 4, 1927.
(3) Sarah Cbarlotte8, born August 14, 1850, died July 29, 1851.
(4) Mary Ann8, born August 6, 1852, married James Mathews, April 4, 1877, died -----.
(5) Silas Newton8, born October l, 1854, married Cordelia Elmore, October 1, l873, died ?.
(6) Aaroa Franklin Joy8, born May 6, 1857, married Elizabeth O'Dell, June 19, l877, died
(7) Rosa Ella Jane8, born December 12, 1863, married Walt Graham-----, died -----.

Siles7, wife, and family disposed of their farm located near Mt. HopeChurch, Bonpas Township, Richland County, Illinois, to a Dr. Harmon by way of trade and moved in the late autumn of l86l to the Harmon farm, located in Decatur County, Iowa, not far distant from Ravenna, Missouri, the home of their brother-in-law, Joseph Bryan. Silas returned to visit his relatives in southern Illinois only once according to records; however, he corresponded regularly with some of them. At any rate, his nephew, William Benton Bunn, $p.8, heard regularly from him throughout the remainder of his life. During the latter years of his life, he and his family moved from his Iowa farm to Nemaha County, Nebraska. The writer of this sketch remembers when a very small boy that a letter came through the mails from "Uncle Silas" addressed to his father, William Benton, Sr., containing a pair of Jack rabbit ears. The letter related quite an interesting story of the prevalence of Jack rabbits in the area in which he lived.

Silas, like his versatile father Benjamin, was a large man, more than six feet tall, broad shouldered, strongly built, and he possessed unusual strength.

Probably before the current chapter, Benjamin6, patriarch of the Southern Illinois Clan, is closed, the uplifting spiritual life of Benjamin and his influence on others in lining the good Life, should by all means be further emphasized. Benjamin was a Methodist minister of rural churches, both in Ohio and Illinois. The second marriage ceremony performed in Richland County, Illinois, was performed by Rev. Benjamin Bunn. Early records disclose that he officiated at numerous marriage ceremonies during his life while living in Richland County, Illinois. All of his children were Methodists; several were very active leaders in the Church. Apparently he left an indelible imprint on the generations

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