Lighting Ancestral Lamps

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Benjamin6, Patriarch
Southern Illinois Bunn Clan

William Benton Bunn8 for several years. Then Joseph's son, Arley Earl10 and William Benton's8 son William Benton9, being about the same age paled together throughout their boyhood days. All the credit is given to Arley Earl Bunnl0 for the information and research contained in this sketch
about the first and second generations following Benjamin6.

Returning the discussion to the versatile Solomon:
Solomon was not only a farmer, but he was an auctioneer. He was known far and wide for he was a hale fellow well met. He loved people and was happiest when neighbors and relatives came to see and visit him. Many of his happy go lucky mannerisms still linger as hand-me-down stories. If a circus or an entertainment came to town, Solomon was always present, no matter how busy, according to the old stories. He also apparently had an excellent knowledge of the very early Bunns' in America. However, only remnants of his remarks about his ancestors, as is to be expected, remain sixty-five years after his death.

He apparently was rather undecided as to whether he liked Ohio or Illinois the better for he returned to Ohio, thence back to Illinois on three different occasions before permanently settling just across the Richland County line in Lawrence County, Illinois.

(8) Aaron7:
Born-June 23, 18l7, Wayne Co, Ohio married Eliza Ann Reed in Richland Co IL Feb 24, 1843.

The following children were born to this union:
(l) William B. Chrysty8, born February 21, 1844, died August 1, 1846.
(2) Mary Emily8 (Emma), born March 16, 1847, died March 27, 1925, married Calvin Baird, December 14, 1865.
(3) Joseph H.8, born October 3, l857, died August 15, l858.

Aaron's wife, Eliza Ann Reed Bunn, died January 19, l873. He married Anna Elizabeth Cole, September 10, l874. To this union was born:
(4) Jessie Louella, born 1875, died about 1930.

(9) Mary Ann7:
Born-December l7, 1819, Wayne County, Ohio. .Was married in Richland County, Illinois, to Joshua Smalley (his second marriage), December 30, 1845. Joshua Smalley was born December 22, 1815.

To this union were born:
(1) Benjamin Franklin8, born February 27, 1847.
(2) Amanda Ann8; born May 10, 1848, died July 14, 1853.
(3) John Richard8, born May l2, l85l, died August 14, 1853.

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