Lighting Ancestral Lamps

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Benjamin6, Patriarch
Southern Illinois Bunn Clan

Reverend Benjamin and his wife Margaret. There is now nearly 800 living descendants."

Benjamin6 died January 9, 1855 age 73 years, 1 month, 20 days. Margaret, wife of Benjamin6 died September 20, 1843, age 5l years. Their graves are marked by a single slab. The cemetery in which they are buried is known as the old Prairieton Cemetery, which is located a
few rods east of the Richland County line in Lawrence County, Illinois, and less than one half mile north of the Illinois State Route 12. This cemetery has long ceased to be a burial ground. It is badly neglected and overgrown with wild blackberry briars and weeds. (Now on a knoll in the middle of a corn field).

Although this noble couple long ago passed to their eternal reward, their descendants have multiplied over the generations both in numbers and kinds of occupations followed.

At this point further historical records are included which contain basic data about Benjamin's6 and Margaret's sons and daughters and their families.

These are: Numbers to left of frame indicates the birth in the family under discussion - 1st, 2nd, etc. The number to the right indicates the number of the American generation.
(1) Hyatt7:
Born-May 8, 1805, Wayne County, Ohio. (Since Hyatt is the direct ancestor of the family being traced, see Chapter 10 for further de tails )

(2) Isabel7:
Born-January 21, 1807, Wayne County, Ohio. Died-Sept 2, 1852, probably Richland Co. Illinois Married March 1, 1827, Samuel Haynes, Wayne Co. Ohio born Aug 28, 1805 Wayne Co. Ohio.

Isabel and husband Samuel Haynes lived in Ohio throughout their lives. They are the parents of the following children:
(l) Benjamin F.8, born December 28, 1827, died about 1863, married Harriet De Witt.
(2) Hannah8, born January 20, 1829, married William Beard.
(3) Katherine8, born December Z, 1830, married Jacob Saunders.
(4) Adeline8, born July 15, 1833, died December 27, 1866, married John Berry, June l2, 1853.
(5) Angeline8, school teacher, remained single
(6) William8, born October 13, I836, married Marilda F. McDowell, April 14, 1864.
(7) George W.8, born June 23, 1838, married Caroline Bowling, July 7, 1867.
(8) Aaron8., born March 25, 1840, died as an infant.
(9) Atheliah, born JuIy 20, 1842, married John Hines.
(10) Polaski, born January 31, 1844, died January 31, 1853.
(11) Margaret, born August 13, 1846, married John W. Conour, October 22, 1863.
(12) Francis Marion8, born March 20, 1848, remained single

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