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Benjamin6, Patriarch
Southern Illinois Bunn Clan

Benjamin6, son of Benjamin5 and Elizabeth, probably Elizabeth Seely Bunn of Pougkeepsie and numerous other places, was born in Washington County, Maryland November 20, 1781. This was during the troublous Revolutionary period, and about eight and one half years before George
Washington was elected president for the first time. Benjamin was the youngest of the two sons of Benjamin5 who lived to maturity. Seely, the elder son and Methodist minister of considerable renown mentioned in the previous chapter, married Susannah Turley. No children were born to this couple. In contrast, Benjamin married Margaret (commonly called Peggie) Hyatt, August 15, 1804. The marriage is recorded in a marriage record book, number 1, page 15, courthouse, Wellsburg, West Virginia, Brooke county. To this union a family of six sons and four daughters were born. They were;

(1) Hyatt, born May 8, 1805
(2) Isabel, born January 21, 1807
(3) See1y, born September 29, 1808
(4) Benjamin, born March I9, l811
(5) Elizabeth, born November 16, 1812
(6) Rebecca, born April 30, 1814
(7) Solomon, born November, 1815
(8) Aaron, born June 23, 18l7
(9) Mary Ann, born December 17, 1819
(10) Silas, born June 3, 1823

It is interesting to observe that all name s of the family to and including this generation were given only one Christian or first name with the questionable exception of Mary Ann. This is in reality used as a compound single name. As the country became older and the population grew, two and sometimes more Christian names were attached to the surname. The children of Benjamin6 and Margaret belong to the last generation possessing only one Christian name.

All grew to manhood or womanhood, married, and had families. Thus, the Benjamin Bunn6 descendants over the generations have become very numerous. Arley Earl Bunn 10 (Joseph9, Harrison8, Soloman7, Benjamin6) estimated that the patriarch and wife Margaret had probably 800 living descendants in 1927. Perhaps this number easily increased to 1000 and even more during the 25 years following.

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