Lighting Ancestral Lamps

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An Introduction Our Name

Do you remember one of the very first things you learned? Perhaps
you have forgotten. Doubtless, it was your name! It became the symbol
of shat you have become, or will yet become.

Your surname came from the family line; another name or two were
added as a given name.

Your name is one of the most valuable possessions. It represents what you and I stand or fall for. It is connected with us while we live. Loving hearts will probably have it carved upon our tombstones.

Since our names are very important, let's ponder over our name for a few minutes. According to the Bible, "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches." This evidently means that the piling up of riches at the expense of one's good name is a poor bargain.

Speaking from experience, our parents are usually concerned when their children begin to "go out in society". Many a time the writer's father admonished him, as he left the hearthside of his home to return to school, with words such as, 'Son, do not bring dishonor to your name. Remember you are a Bunn." In this modern day such a comment would probably date a parent as belonging to that of a past generation or, perhaps, classify him as being severe -- maybe even puritanistic. Nevertheless it was sage advice and served as a "power of suggestion" for the offspring to remember when temptations came along.

Just as reputation is the shadow of character, so our names become
the shadows of our personal honor.

What our ancestors made or unmade of themselves was not only reflected on their lives, but has carried forward to the lives of future generations. How thankful those of Our Name can be when the researcher untangles the back-lashes of the dim past, and as yet finds a clean, honorable, and good name. A study of numerous past generations soon discloses that our direct ancestors never had great riches. On the other hand, abundant proof has been found over the centuries that the bearers of our Name possessed character and a respect for their name.

The people of our name can rightly be classified as Abraham Lincoln
classified his people in his autobiography when he said, "My recent

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