Lighting Ancestral Lamps

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The Story of Benjamin
of Poughkeepsie, New York

which in 1953 is at the home of a great-grandson, Fred Brian, Summer, Illinois). To Benjamin5 and Margaret were born ten children. All were reared to maturity. All were honorable citizens. Her entire life was spent on the frontier; perhaps her eldest two or three children were born in an Indian village, or very closely thereby.

Commenting on these two highly esteemed maternal ancestors of long ago, Charles N. French writes: "Certainly because of the difference in the Socio-Economic status it would have likely been quite embarrassing for Susannah Turley Bunn of Virginia and Margaret Hyatt Bunn of the backwoods of Ohio and Illinois, to have met socially at family gatherings ". But commenting further he says: Either could have taken the other's place, if their environments under which they were born, grew to womanhood, and lived, had been reversed". He has tried to say both were wonderful women. Doubtless he was right in his assumption. Now we shall close this chapter and turn to a new one which will tell us something about our worthy direct ancestors, Benjamin6 and Margaret Hyatt Bunn.

/1 The figure following the name refers to the generation by the name of Bunn in America.

/2 Historical collection by Day. F-854.22, Newberry Library, Chicago

/3 Dr. J. McKendree Reily - comments in a pamphlet on Recollections of Old Friends.

/4 Dr. Dr. J. McKendree Reily

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