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type boarded around among his subscribers. Certainly they were very elementary in training and thinking, but they were a step in the direction of formal education.

Through privations and hardships, coupled with a determination to succeed, tb.ese pioneers brought for themselves and their families, individual success. Individual successes, when banded together, brought community development and success. This is the crude and painful manner through which our America grew and developed during the centuries of necessary pioneering.

Our people, the Bunns, and the numerous maternal families over the generations who married into the Bunn family, were not the high brass, except in rare instances, but rather foot soldiers who helped build America. These old established families' stemming far into colonial times can rightly be termed "families of note". Certainly their wholesome, preserving, and successful records constitute a challenge to their numerous descendants to do their best.

And now, let's review a list of the clan who served in the Revolutionary War and also learn more about those ancestors who lived during this great struggle for freedom and the long and interesting period that followed.

John Charles Bunn9 (Harrison8, Solomon7, Benjamin6, Benjamin5, etc. ) copied from the records of the Congressional Library in Washington, D. C., a list of those Bunns who served in the Continental army between the years 1757 and 1783. This list follows:

Thomas Bunn, 1757 - Conn.
Barnes Bunn, 1775 - New Jersey
Paul Bunn, 1775 to l783 - Middletown, Conn.
Jacob Bunn, Sgt., 1775 - New York
Jacob Bunn, Private, 1775 - New York
John Bunn, Corporal, 1775 - New York
John Bunn, Private, l775 - New York
John Bunn, Private., l775 - New York
Joshua Bunn, Private, 1775 - New York
Nathaniel Bunn, Private - Brookfield, Mass.
Samuel Bunn, Private - Brookfield, Mass.
Nathaniel Bunn, Private - Rekoboth, Mass.
*William Bunn, Private - New Jersey,

* William was a brother of Benjamin5

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