Lighting Ancestral Lamps

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Perhaps I am Lighting Ancestral Lamps
primarily to satisfy my own personal desires.

As a small boy, I used to pull my chair close
to that of my father's or cuddle on his lap and
listen to his well-told tales of "hand-me-downs"
about his people. Then, as I grew older, I began
to realize that I possessed a great family herit-

The Bunns, Haz(z)ards, Hyatts, Seelys, as
well as my maternal ancestors, the Bowers,
Browns, Ulrichs, and Brumbaughs are names of
old and respected American families. The spark
of interest continued these many years, as I
tried to learn more about my people.

I shall now record, at least in fragmentary
form, a limited history and genealogy of my
direct ancestry. Admittedly, parts of the re-
cording delve so far into the dim past that it has
little practical value. Nevertheless, I am certain
that this register satisfy's a laudable and harm-
less curiosity - at least, for me.

It is my hope that this recording will also
serve as a kind of inspirational ancestral me-
morial. Lighting Ancestral Lamps is dedicated
to that vast number of direct ancestors who,
over the centuries, proudly bore the name, Bunn,
or that of a related family through marriage, in
Europe, the British Isles, and America.

William Benton Bunn

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