Lighting Ancestral Lamps

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Early Forbearers in America

Children of William and Ann (Jaques) Bunn were: (1)Mary; (2) Nathan; (3) Miles; (4) Ann and Moses. Nothing is known of Reuben, the son of Reuben4. Neither is there any further information available about Rachel Place, wife of Reuben4. Reuben4 and Rachel Place-Bunn are direct ancestors of the numerous Southern Illinois Bunn families. The first Benjamin, Benjamin5, son of Reuben4 and family's records are fairly clear. A further account of this family is given in Chapter 7.

/1 Number of generations in America

/2 Charles French - from unpublished data. Charles Newton French, relative by marriage to the Southern Illinois Branch of the Bunn family. Acknowledgment is made of data supplied by French for this chapter.

/3 Ellis, History of the Bunn Family of America, Chicago, published by
Romanzo N. Bunn, 1928.

/4 Charles N. French, before mentioned in unpublished data.

/5 (a) Matthew2 and others - second American generation of the name

/6 Stryker - a genealogist.

/7 Reuben of the fourth American generation

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