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Early Forbearers in America

Sarajah, fourth son, mentions wife Hannah in a will and children: Thomas, Sarajah who was an enlisted man in the colonial military forces in 1758. He was a mason by trade.

The records of Joseph, first son of William, and Micajah, the second son, are very fragmentary. Nothing is known of Lois and Hannah and Jean other than the mere mention that they were daughters of William. Nevertheless, all of the above names occur and re-occur in following generations of Bunns scattered widely over America.

But Ruben4 (Reuben) is the direct ancestor of Southern Illinois Bunns to whom is given special emphasis in this study. Ruben Bunn4 (William3, Matthew2, Matthew1) was born at Woodbridge, New Jersey, about 1723. He probably resided in Dutchess County, New York, about 1750 according to Charles N. French, research genealogist. William Benton Bunn, Sr.8, father of the writer of this discourse, remembered a traditional story that either his great grandfather or great-great-grandfather's name was Ruben (Reuben). this fact has been cleared that Reuben4 was his great-great-grandfather. Reuben4 married Rachel place, June 19, 1744, in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Benjamin5, William and Reuben are known to have been born to this union. Names of other children, if any, are not definitely known. However, one John Bunn was an enlisted man in Dutchess County, New York, militia under Col. Morris Graham, in the Revolution. Joshua Bunn and Barnes Bunn were enlisted men of Col. John Lamb's Artillery, second regiment in the Revolution. These may have been sons of Reuben. On the other hand, they or some of them may have been nephews of Reuben. Barnes Bunn is shown by Stryker /6 to have also served in New Jersey. He was wounded in the Battle of Quebec. Finally reports disclose that he was transferred by the pension department from Sussex County, New Jersey, to Montgomery County, Indiana, in 1832.

However, the Revolutionary War record of William, son of Reuben4 has been discovered.

The following is a facsimile of the item proving the fact found on page 809, Volume II - Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors.

"Bunn, William, New Jersey. Return of man enlisted in Continental Army from Col. John Cushings (2nd Plymouth Company) regiment, dated September 1, 1778; residence, New Jersey, enlisted from town of Scituate, Massachusetts; joined Captain Stephen Sewel's Company; Col. William Lee's regiment; enlistment 3 years. Reported mustered out by James Leonard, Muster Master." /7

The above William Bunn, born at Rahway or Woodbridge, N.J., served three years in the Revolutionary War. After being mustered out, he returned to East New Jersey. Later, perhaps about 1798, he removed to Satilla, Pennsylvania. His wife was Ann Jaques. They were buried at Satilla, Pa.

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