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Early Forbearers in America

Matthew3 was a corporal in the war against Indians in Maine. Uncertainty surrounds whom he married, but indications are that he married Elizabeth Smith. - Reference Charles N. French in unpublished data.

However, William3 is the third generation in America's ancestralline of our family. Thus, this is the line that will be pursued from the misty past. William3 was probably born about 1672, in Woodbridge. He apparently mixed in public affairs at least to some extent and was recognized as a responsible citizen. One reference refers to William Bunn, Gentleman - he is recorded as having witnessed wills at Woodbridge in 17O6 and 1721. He was also one of a committee selected to inventory the personal estate of John Robinson of Middlesex county, April 25, l705.

He is also mentioned as one of the first settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge 1709 by Genealogist Monnette. He is recorded as having died December 5, 1730 (Archives of New Jersey Wills).

From the Archives of New Jersey are the following additional facts: William Bunn, gentleman, will l730, November 11; proved December 7, 1730, Middlesex County, New Jersey.

Names wife Sarah, sister of John Langstaff of Piscataway; Sons: Joseph, Micajah, Sarajah, Ruben (Reuben); Daughters: Lois, Hannah, Jean - all under age.

His will mentions land in Woodbridge; home farm on South Branch of the Rahway River and personal Property. The above children are mentioned. The will of his wife Sarah (Langstaff) Bunn made after William's3 death enumerates same children; namely: (1) Joseph Bunn, mentioned in records of Burlington County, New Jersey' (2) Micajah Bunn, witnessed will in 1748 at Woodbridge; (3) Joshua Bunn, will 1775; (4) Sarajah Bunn, will 1775 ; (5) Ruben (Reuben) Bunn, married June 18, 1744, at Woodbridge, Rachel Place; (6) Lois; (7) Hannah; (8) Jean.

Joshua Buun, born in 1712, purchased land in March, 1738, during reign of George II of England, near Pennington, N.J. He had the following children: (1) Jonathan, born 1744, only of that left issue; (2) William, a trader in the West Indies - died in Nova Scotia; (3) Joseph, died
in Pennington, N.J.; (4) Deborah, married Nathaniel Temple, died young; (5) Nathaniel, died young.

An interesting account about Jonathan5, eldest son of Joshua, a soldier in the Revolutionary War and the old homestead of Joshua4, located a mile north of Pennington, New Jersey and inherited by Jonathan appears in the history of the Bunn Family Published by Romanzo Norton Bunn of Chicago. Summing up the story, the house and farm were twice occupied by the British Army as their headquarters. Jonathan was arrested and taken before Lord Cornwallis for a trial but he escaped imprisonment by a fortunate accident. The home for more than a hundred and fifty years carried several souvenirs of the visits of the red coats, as well as many other curios of the colonial time.

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