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Early Forbearers in America

of Hester Bunn. Possibly there was a Miles of this family. French, however contends after diligent study, that Miles was a son of Matthew2.

At any rate the apparent ancestor of "our line" of Bunns was Matthew2 and this is the particular family ancestry that this writer will pursue.

Matthew2, the oldest son in the family, married Sarah, possibly Sarah Miles. According to French, /4 a daughter of John Miles of New Haven, Connecticut who later came to Elizabethtown, New Jersey. Sarah joined Matthew2 in the signing of a deed in the 1690's, but nothing further has been found about her.

Matthew2 of Woodbridge, New Jersey, listed as Planter and boatman, was the eldest son of Matthew I and Esther (Hester) and since his father Matthew I went to sea and failed to return, Mattthew2, after a lapse of years, was required by law to raise the question of -presumption of death of his father, since he died intestate and I proceed to settle the estate of some 165 acres and other properties. This was required by the law of primogeniture, then a law of the Colony of East New Jersey. Thus, Matthew2 son and heir executed without consideration other than brotherly love and affection, a deed to Nathaniel2, his only brother of record; Esther, his mother, came in for her dower rights and the sisters, Esther and Hannah, were considered in the settlement of the estate.

Perhaps to close the meager information known about the Matthew and Esther Bunn family other than that of Matthew2, mention should be made of the fact that Nathaniel was apprenticed at the age of sixteen years to Barnard Filder, a potter of Woodbridge, May 1, 1680. Later Nathaniel is referred to as a potter. Esther, tbe recorded daughter, became the wife of Thomas Pike, a distinguished family, one of whose early members was a General and another the discoverer of Pikes Peak.

Hannah, the other daughter, married into the Quaker family of Loofbourrow, friends of General Lafayette as has been before mentioned.

Returning for a last glance and a summary of the records relating to Matthew; he was born June 9, 1659, at Boston. The date of his death is unknown. It probably occurred at Woodbridge, New Jersey, the vicinity in which he resided since he was about eight years old. In the year 1695 his wife Sarah joined him in a deed. (Sarah apparently could not write, for she made her mark) Matthew is recorded as being the father of four children, Sarah is presumed to have been their mother. These children were Miles, William, Mary, and Matthew.

Miles3 is recorded as having a family of seven children. His wife was Mary, The children in order of their births were: Eunis, Mary, Sarah, Rhodu, Miles, Nathaniel, and William. Apparently this family were Quakers or became Quakers for they moved from Woodbridge in 1721 and were not heard of in West New Jersey until in 1735 when Miles held "Society Lands" under lease. Mary is believed to have married Benjamin Force, Sr. - Reference Charles N. French in unpublished data.

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