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Early Forbearers in America

The following paragraph relating to the early Edward Bunn is found in the New England Genealogical and Antiquarian Register File 929.05 - 09 in University of Illinois Library, tenth floor.

''Edward Bunn, aged fifty years or thereabouts, and Thomas Collier, aged forty years or thereabouts, do testify that ever since we came to Nantasket, to dwell we have possessed Brewster islands by virtue of the grant of the General court, without any legal molestation of any kind. and in this manner we have possessed them by stinting them as the rest of our commons and by putting on goats, calves, swine, sheep and yearlings, and cutting timber and making use of the hay. Sworn to in Court, October 30, 1662.

Natasket had twenty houses in July, 1644, according to data taken by Charles N. French, from the history of Plymouth, Massachusetts. A church was organized the same year. "It was named the town of Hull by order of the last General Court". The name was taken from the city of the same name in Yorkshire, England. The order and date thereof J 1 appears as follows: as

"1644, 29 May. It is ordered that Natasket shall be called Hull." That order refers to the town which includes not only the peninsula, but nearly all the islands in Boston Harbor. The peninsula, however, is called Nantasket, and the sandy stretch on the side of the Atlantic Ocean, now a renowned resort in summer, is known as Nantasket Beach.

Edward Bunn (Bunne) who resided and owned lands at Hull was the first Bunn to locate in the northern portion of our American Colonies. While genealogists agree on this point, they disagree and argue at great length as to whether Edward of Matthew is the first of the ancestors of the English Bunn descendants.

Matthew - Probably first ancestor English Bunns:
French, /2 after years and years of research, is inclined to think that Matthew- Englishmen, Mariner, gentleman, first a resident of Boston in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay and later a prominent resident of Woodbridge in East New Jersey - is the first ancestor. Matthew and wife Esther (believed to be a Miles) were living in Boston, June 9, 1659, when the birth of a son Matthew was recorded. Two other children of Matthew and Esther are recorded in Boston; namely, Nathaniel, born March 23, 1664, and Esther, March 2, 1665.

Several others of the name appear in Woodbridge , New Jersey, who were undoubtedly children of Matthew and Esther . Ellis, genealogist for Romanzo Bunn, Chicago, publisher of a history of the Bunn Family, states that, "It is practically certain that William, Miles, and others early in Woodbridge were sons of Matthew and Esther. / 3

Matthew was a mariner born about the year 1635, commonly called "Skipper" Bunn. According to tradition, he came across to America in his own ship and was finally lost at sea. Whether he came from Holland (English Colony therein) directly to Boston or whether he came from England is unknown.

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