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Background - Forbearers in England

Britain recently crowned the beautiful and worthy Elizabeth II queen of Britain and the Commonwealth, during a magnificent spectacle pattern of ancient pomp and pageantry.

The coronation took place in Westminster Abbey where for 100 years British sovereigns have been crowned. After two and 1/2 hours of dignified and pompous ceremony, the Archbishop of Canterbury gently lowered the crown of St. Edward to Elizabeth's head of dark hair. Then with a great roa7,500 peers & peeresses and heads of state in the Abbey cried: "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN."
This was the climax to a long and beautiful religious ceremony, part of which goes back to the days of Solomon of Biblical fame.

Millions lined the streets to catch a glimpse of their queen as she rode along the five mile coronation route in the century old golden chariot drawn by eight beautiful white horses. All along the route came the continuous and tumultuous roars; "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN."

Motion pictures of this dignified, exquisite, and most colorful coronation were flown to America. Great crowds of Americans everywhere, including the writer and his immediate family, rushed to the theaters to see and catch a bit of the spirit of this gorgeous and dignified ceremony that meant so much to Britain and the Commonwealth from which our paternal forbearers hailed.

This current episode has been inserted primarily to point out that pomp, ceremony, and tradition is yet common in Old England. Since the early bearers of the old families of Bunn, Haz(z)ard, Hyatt, and Seely appear from early records to have been largely of the early British landed gentry and yeomanry, they doubtless had many proud customs and romantic traditions that bound them to their lords and kings. Thus, these ancient forbearers must have had rich and interesting ceremonial experiences.

Our paternal families are known to have been in England many more generations than their descendants have been in America. Because of this long stay of the families in England, the descendants, even though far removed, might be interested in a brief review about the romantic era of long ago.

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