Lighting Ancestral Lamps

A Genealogical History of the Bunn and Related Families

by William Benton Bunn

October 1954

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This book was published one month before I was born. It's hard to believe what was current then was 62 years ago. The families that were alive back then are no longer with us, but the heritage continues.

The places that were spoken of still exist, and the legacy is passed down through to the next few generations. Whereas William B. Bunn was of the 9th generation since Matthew came over around 1650, I amd of the 11th generation. The book was loaned to us by Joe and Louise Bunn of Olney, IL just before my daughter, Hester, was born in 1982, and though the memories of them are still warm and bright, they are no longer with us either. So this book, and the stories it tells, passes on where the Bunn family came from in America, long before we had states, or borders, or even a country, we were here. So if you are related please pull up a seat and enjoy the tales of Mariners, and Pioneers from long ago, but still alive in us.

You can see this book in three different ways. I scanned in the pages and you can pull up the jpegs of those, or read it from the Bunn Book web pages I have made, or read the PDF I made in MS Word at Bunn book.

If this catches your attention, please contact me, as I would love to set up a Bunn reunion in the next few years. We just missed the 200th birthday of Jeromesville, Ohio that Benjamin helped settle, but just bringing the family together would be great.

All my best,

-Steve Bunn


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