Hyatt Miles Bunn III - 1893-1960 / Emma Williams Bunn - 1893-1973

He grew up on the family farm in Olney Illinois with 6 or 7 sisters. He was a hard worker and a good shot with the family rifle.

He married Emma Williams in 1927 and worked at odd jobs in Olney. When the deppression hit and the jobs became scarce, he moved the family from town to town, eventually settling north in Bloomington. When I took a trip to Olney, IL in 1984 with my Uncle Marshall he told me some funny stories. Grampa had the kids enrolled in a one room school house, we found it. I think my uncle Virgil is in the picture below.

I could imagine all of my aunts and uncles walking to school on those long dirt roads, and wearing holes in those shoes.

One of the jobs he took involved cleaning the inside of large gas drum. Shortly after, he developed a lung disease. With no other choice Grampa had to make his way to New Mexico with only his rifle and dog so the clean air could restore him to health.

After a few years he returned in much better shape, and with a lot of tall tales. He started a business with a truck and a sign on the side "H.M.Bunn & Sons General Contractors".

My Dad recalls grampa loved to sit around the porch at night and tell tall tales of his adventures, while he played his fiddle, and my father on banjo. They didn't have much money, but there was always love. My cousin Alberta told me she recalled many nights of music and laughter. She even showed me a picture of her and cousin Eddie in a wash tub taking a bath out front.

When World War II took 2 of the oldest boys over seas, Hyatt, and Emma, came out west to work in the ship yards in the Bay Area. After the war they moved to Oregon, and bought a chicken farm. They worked at that several years, sold the farm, and bought a two story home in Portland, Oregon.

I don't personally have too many memories of my grampa. He was big and tall, when I was about six. I recall he dressed like a farmer and wore coveralls. A funny story was he had a great big pile of horse menuer on his front driveway. My brother and I thought it was just dirt and went climbing on it, and rolling down it. Kind of minty smelling. I never saw grampa laugh that hard.

He died when I was around 5, they said of heart failure, but I can still hear his coughing at night. He was a big warm man, with a tight hug and big smile.

Gravesite & Children

Hyatt M. Bunn III died on Oct. 7, 1959, and was laid to rest at Skyline Memorial Gardens in Multnomah County, Oregon. All of the children came back for the funeral, but left all but one (looks like Tony DeMello) of the grandkids at home.

Special thanks goes out to Sue Bunn on for the great history provided.

Hyatt Miles III & Emma W.



These pictures were taken in 1955






Hyatt Miles IV
*The firstborn son was Grover Kenneth Bunn who died at birth on 1/17/16.