Hyatt II taken around 1860 then 1925

Hyatt II & Elma taken around 1925

Frand Bunn, Eilie Bunn, Hyatt II,
and Scott Bunn around 1920

Hyatt II surrounded by son-in-laws
L. Goodart, W. Yelch, C. Eagleson,
J. Dehlar, & C. Taylor around 1925

Hyatt II & his son Hyatt III around 1925

He grew up in the widerness like his pioneer ancestors before him. He lived and worked on the farm in Olney. He saw his oldest brother go off to the civil war, saw the end of slavery, the death of Lincoln, and the beginings of a modern age. He had seven children, six daughters, and one boy, my grampa.

Gravesite & Children

Hyatt's grave site is still standing in a small cemetary, Mt. Olive Methodist church reached by an old dirt country road, but is kept in nice shape by local families. He and Elma were very involved in the church, like thier parents. Special thanks goes out to kpet of for the great pictures provided below.

Hyatt Miles II & Elma E.


Mt. Olive Cemetary

Here is the list of all the children of Hyatt II and Elma



 Hyatt M Bunn III  Florie (Bunn) Yelch (Husb. William)
   Laur (Bunn) Eaglson (Husb. Charlie)
   Bess (Bunn) Goodheart (Husb. Leslie)
   Ross (Bunn) Aylere (Husb. Jess)
   Effie (Bunn) Taylor (Husb. Clarence)