.....Hyatt Bunn............ Betsy Hazard Bunn


The pictures shown above were thier actual photos, taken shortly before thier deaths. I colorized and cleaned them up, to get a clearer picture of them.

Hyatt was born in Wayne Co, Ohio in 1805, and rode in the wagon as his father led them into the Ohio wilderness when he was 4, where they came to the Mohican indian village that would become Jeromesville. He saw his family and neighbors clear the land, build their farms, and fight off Indians in the war of 1812. In his prime, he was 6'2", 225 lbs. and wore a size 44 coat.

In the 1820s he heard about a project to extend a canal from Jeromeville to the Erie Canal. While working on that he met the Hazard family, and his wife Betsy Hazard, cousin to the Commadores Perry.

Then in 1838 they followed Benjamin, with the whole family into the wilderness of Illinois, now the town of Olney. His home was still standing as of 35 years ago, on his original homestead, still owned in 1990s by Joe and Louise Bunn, descendants of Hyatt's third son, William Benton Bunn. (The property is still heavily forested, and was fun to explore the grandkids.)

This was the home of Joe and Louise Buun. This is the site of the original homesstead of Hyatt Bunn, just south of Olney. The pioneer loghouse cabin had been standing until the late 1970s, when it was torn down.

Gravesite & Children

Hyatt's grave site is still standing in a small cemetary, Mt. Olive Methodist church reached by an old dirt country road, but is kept in nice shape by local families. He and Betsy were very involved in the church, and the pews in the church were made from oak of trees from thier farm. Special thanks goes out to kpet of findagrave.com for the great pictures provided below.

The Bunn Memorial Marker

Hyatt Bunn's Grave


Mt. Olive Cemetary


Wesley Chapel Cemetary

Betsy died 3 years before Hyatt, and was buried at Wesley Chapel cemetary in Lawrence Co.

Here is the list of all the children of Hyatt and Betsy



 John ? died at 3 yrs  Margaret Ann 4/23/1827
 Benjamin Wood 2/13/1834  Elizabeth Jane 9/27/1828
 William Wallis ?  Roxana 6/2/1840
 William Benton 6/3/1838  Dencey Almyra 3/7/1843
 Hyatt Miles 5/17/1847  Rebecca Ann 3/24/1845
   Pamilla Jane 8/21/1852