He was born during a time of change in the new world. after growing up in Poughkeepsie, NY, he became a blacksmith in 1758. After being married to Elizabeth Margaret (Peggy) Seely in 1765, they had their first child, Seely, in NY. They moved back to Woodbridge, NJ where Phebe was born in 1768. They then moved with a group of colonists to the wilderness in Bedford (now Huntington Co.), PA. where he helped mine and mill the lead needed for war bullets. This was from 1771-79. During this time they had 4 children, but as conditions were so bad, all four died as children. In 1779 they were chased off the land by indians, being stirred up by the English. They moved to Washington Co. Maryland, and had 5 more children. Manny of them died around 1798. Reasons unknown, although weather, sickness, war, and poor living conditions could have been a cause. What a hard life.

 Seely 8/1/1765-9/5/1843  Phebe 8/10/1768-Fall 1795
 Miles 7/17/1771-summer1780  Deborah 10/10/1773
 Benjamin 11/20/1781  Margaret 8/23/1775
 William 9/9/1785-1795  Mary 11/26/1775-3/11/1798
   Rebecca 12/8/1779-1799
   Elizabeth 8/8/1787-1799