June 9, 1659 - ~1700

He was born in the early years of Boston. He must have spent
his spare time roaming the seaport streets, playing around his
fathers ship, when not helping the family. Then when he was
only 7, he moved to Woodridge in the deep forest of New Jersey.

Intense weather, indians, dark rough untamed land, and bugs. He helped his family clear the land, build the home, and plant the fields. When his father never returned from sea he oversaw the will for the family, and heping his mother.

He was married around 1658 or 1659 in Woodbridge, to Sarah Miles of New Haven. He may not have been a sea captain, but he continued his fathers trade as farmer(planter) and boatman. He had four children, and probably died in Woodbridge.


 Miles  1667
 William  1672
 Mary  ?
 Matthew  ?