Light Bulb Conspiracy

 About 10 years ago I was introduced to an amazing little bulb called the Centennenial Light Bulb. I was told it had been burning for 100 years and as they were planning to celebrate it's 100th birthday was asked to make a website for it. 10 years later we celebrated it's 110th birthday. You can read all about it and the friends I've made all around the world because of it at the website. You can also see me on the Rueters interview.

Sandia Friends

 After 26 years of working at Sandia Livermore National Labs, I made some wonderful friends that I'll always remember with fond memories.

Last family picture with my brother Jim

Wedding Pic to Sue

Vannoy Elementary

My baby pic from 1954

Steven Michael Bunn
Where to start. I was born in Alameda Hospital at 2 AM and have been an early riser since. My mom told me she could look out at the bay from her hospital window. Nowdays there is so much landfill the view is covered by buildings.
We had a home in the Oakland hills, above the Naval Hospital, where my dad rented a mule to pull up tree stumps. I also recall my first neighbors, the Fong's, and remember eating March Fong Eu's pickled octopus.
In 1958 we moved to Castro Valley where I went to Vannoy. 50 years later I saw my grandson go to the same school. Also 40 years after I met up with two old classmates, Dave Franklin, and Bob Barnett. We had some great lunches in Livermore.
We went to church at First Baptist Church during my Jr High thru college years. I graduated from Chabot in 1974,, and Cal State Hayward in 1976 Sue and I were married in 1977.
After several jobs, I went back to school at Chabot, picked up a degree in Mech Tech & Drafting, and in 1983 started working at Sandia. I was there for 26 years, and retired in 2009.
Also in 2001 I created a website all about a little light bulb, and am still busy maintaing those pages with a worldwide following.
Now I'm a stay at home grampa in Georgia with 6.1 acres to maintain on my riding mower. Retirement is fun folks!

To see Dad's website follow this link,

Hyatt Miles Bunn