Matthew 'Skipper' Bunn
Mariner of Boston


Short Synopsis

He must have been a brave and daring soul, a stout hearted sea
captain. He came to the colonies around 1657, found and married
Hester Miles, daughter of Joseph, in Salem. In 1658 they moved to Boston and started their young family, having three children there.

They moved to Woodbridge, N.J. in 1667 where he and Hester purchased property, and built a home. He became well respected in the comunity, holding a minor office, then returned to sea. He was presumed lost at sea around, 1680 but not before establishing our family legacy.


Matthew and his family located in Woodbridge around 1667. He was probably there on different occassions a year or two before. As a mariner, he became aquainted with the land about New York City through voyages made to that port. He finally settled at Woodbridge, New Jersey, just west of Stanton Island.

There in 1670, he recieved several grants in that town where he was refered to as "mariner" of Boston. These grants included a house lot of eleven acres; 120 acres of bottom land on Raritan River; 25 acres of Raritan meadow; another 5 acre meadow tract; and 4 acres additional meadow of Papiack Creek. These locations indicate that these lands are in the present town of Raritan, then part of Woodbridge.


 Matthew  June 9, 1659

 Nathaniel  March 23, 1664

 Esther  March 2, 1665