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I like Wierd Al 'cause he likes strange things.

A few years ago my family heard some strange music on the radio making
fun of Michael Jacksons music, and I was hooked. After that we bought
the movie UHF on lasr disc. Then last year at a talent show at school I
won first prize in a lip-sync contest using "Amish Paradise". The prize
money went towards the new al cd. Then this summer my dad took me
to the San Mateo county fair, where we sat in the front row at Als'
concert. We took lots of pictures. Then after we stuck around and
got autographs from Al and the band. Click on the little pics for big ones.

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Wierd Al

Bad Hair



wierd hestr

funny smile

weird look




eat it

cool look

country song

one more minute

boxer shorts

weird steve

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