Hyatt Miles Bunn IV


 If you're reading this it's because you're probably a friend or family member, so Welcome to these pages.

In his life Dad enjoyed the challenges and opportuneties he was blessed with, from Bloomington, Illinois, to Castro Valley, he had a great time. Dad had a wonderful set of parents, 2 brothers and 2 sisters, and a lot of pets. He had fun in the service at the end of WW2, saw the ball fall in Times Square in 1948, and ended up in S.F. There he met my mom, Ruth, was married almost 50 years, and raised my brother Jim, and I. Dad served in the Oakland Fire Dept. for 23 years, made Chief, and retired in 1980.

Around 1995 Mom & Dad moved to Baywood Court where they met a great group of friends. After mom's passing in 1998, he remarried his new sweetheart, Virginia Dixon on April 26th, 2000. I saw Dad regularly, and enjoyed watching him play with and teach his grandkids as they grew.

It was with pride and joy that Dad was able to be with us at the celebration of the Centennial Bulb's 100th birthday, at fire station 6 in Livermore, CA. He was a remarkable man, and is truely missed by all his family and friends.


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