Christmas 2010

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... and Happy New Year!!!

Here's a few pictures of all of us together for Christmas this year. First was our ride on the Train of Lights, thanks to Henry Luna! Then our Christmas day!

Christmas Pages 2010

Santa Welcomes us!

Cheese for Santa?

What's Joey want?

What's Brian want?

Santas helper

Santas other helper?

The other cars

Hot chilly & Chocolate!

A cold ride ahead

All aboard!

Back in the caboose

Look at those lights!

Reindeer in the rain

Our glowing bow

The last will be first!

Joey's watching everything

Brian warches trains pass

A little closer look!

David & Hester having fun

Brian really having fun

Who is under the tree?

Stalkings hung with care

Presents to be opened

Gmas' Coffee Cake!


at allll the


More of Gmas

Coffe Cake

Where's my presents!

Whisky gets bones!

Presents at last!

Merry Christmas!

Hester's Green Day Shoes!

More presents

Hester's new Scrubs!

To see more of us at the Train of Lights follow this link.

To see the book the Train of Lights follow this link.

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