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Price: $21.00 + $11.00 s&h

I first started making these as a project to get my Grandchildren away from the TV, they would help in the shop and made for a fun afternoon. Then every kid in the neighborhood wanted one for the War Games on Sunday afternoons!! It is a full 37" long with a 3/4" diameter barrel. Two piece construction and fashioned after my old BB gun from years past. The range is about 20 feet, and uses a 7" rubber band you can buy at any office supply. (2 colored ones come with the gun. Colored ones are easier to find in the grass.) Made of Southern Yellow Pine (Very Hard for a Pine)

For ages 5 thru 10. Not recommended for the younger ones. Not only can they not load it, their aim is poor at best!!! Loads of fun and it doesn't really hurt.

Availible in Stained (shown) Natural and Pink w/ Purple Barrel, Purple w/ Pink Barrel, and hard Poly finish.


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