USS Reliant Tour

For the Reliant tour please proceed to docking
bay 437, and check with the duty officer for
boarding authorization.
Please warch your step in boarding, for low
ceilings and a slight variation in gravity.


 No Vorta Allowed

"It's not like we don't already have the specs on
all of your ships anyhow. I just thought it would be
fun to look around. Oh well, I think I'll just go to the
bar and order some poison." -Unknown Vorta


 Bajoran: Permission Granted

"(Don't worry, I'll tell you all about it later.)
I've always wanted to see one of these Excelsior
Class Carriers." -Unknown Bajoran


Sansut Sui

 Trill: Permission Granted

"I've been thinking about joining Star Fleet again.
It's been at least 50 years since a previous host
resigned his commission.  So lets see what
new things Star Fleet has been up to."

Docking Bay 437 Please Press Here To Board

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