How To Join
Please send in E-mail with your name, address, and phone number.
Also choose a department you would like to be part of. Also if you
have an idea for a persona, (name, race, etc) please include that as well.

 Chris Senft, CO- USS Reliant, Sector
Chief-Sector 004, UFPI
2242 Norwood Rd.
Livermore, CA. 94550
(510) 455-6114

Barbara Heep, Ambassador - USS Reliant
Member At Large

We also encourage members to develop a
character. This represents what
you are in the Star Trek universe. This is
also helpful, because we have several
members that use these characters in the
stories they write for our club newsletter
and fanzine.

 Reality Check
It should be noted that all of this fantasy
stuff is just that... fantasy. We know that
we live in a real world, and that all of this
is just play. Rank is meant as an award for
service, not as a power base or a means to
get more important than someone else in the club.

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