So far our membership is just jumping into 
cyberspace, therefore we only have a few  
links to our membership. 

The Bunn family pages belong to the webmaster and family. 

An important Con sight to our club is the BayCon links. 

Finally are the links our members are recomending a visit to.


I was priveleged to meet Captain
G'rf-Y'ld and his wife at Star Quest
and preview his website. Fantastic!

A con many of our members

 Captain's Choice
Clan Macdude site.

Star Wars Role
Playing Game Page

This is Stuart Yee's home page,
a neat vendor from Star Quest


The Bunn Family
They just created their own web pages,
about their family, history, and a link to
our club pages.

T'Sev's Logical Choice
Sector 0-0-1 is a very good web sight of high qualiy.
JPL home page would make me homesick, if I were human.

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