White Whisker's History

Part 1

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BY Chris Senft

"The Admiral will be ready to see you at 18:00 hours this evening." said the Starfleet Command aide as he showed Commander White Whiskers to his room. "Until then, I have been ordered to notify you that you are relieved of duty for the duration of your visit here. You have had a long trip and must be fatigued."
The aide stopped in front of a suite door and keyed in a short code sequence.
"Please place your right hand on the touch board Commander." said the aide, gesturing to a small black square in the wall to the right of the door.
Whiskers placed his furry paw against the obsidian surface and felt a slight tingle as the sensors embedded within material registered his print as the new doorkey for the room. The door slid quietly open.
"Your room, sir." announced the aide.
Whiskers walked into the room and immediately saw the magnificent view of the San Francisco Bay.
"Should you need anything, don't hesitate to call me, sir. Good day." The aide stepped back and the door closed behind him with a soft whoosh of air.
Whiskers noticed that his belongings had already been placed in his suite, but they had been placed by a non-Eeiauoan. Taking a few minutes, he rearranged his belongings to his cultural preferences. Once that was done, he stripped out of his duty uniform and put on a loose fitting garment given to him by a former shipmate. Feeling the satin fabric slide over his light fur, he sat down and thought about his early days in Starfleet.

He had joined Starfleet at the earliest allowance, like his father and grandmother before him. It was a sort of tradition started by his grandmother, a form of paying back the debt his entire race owed Starfleet. His people, the Eeiauoans, faced extinction from a plague known as ADF syndrome decades before. No cures or treatments worked to stop or even slow down the fatal disease. Starfleet had authorized an expedition to find a cure and, eventually, one was found. More importantly though, the cure was discovered among the Eeiauoan's ancient kin, the Sivoan. Two thousand years of separation had ended, and a period of healing had begun. Whisker's family helped by joining Starfleet, to further help the needy among the stars, as did he.
The Academy was a grueling test, for Whiskers had never liked school t begin with, but he made it through. As an Ensign on his first cruise, he was assigned to an Avenger Class Heavy Cruiser, the USS Gallant, for an otherwise uneventful year. When that tour was over, he was assigned to Earth for another year, serving as an aide, much like the one who showed him to his room. Having no general direction to go with in his life, he had begun to question his decision to join Starfleet. That is when he met Starseeker to Ennin.
She was one of the first Sivoans to leave their nomad-like lifestyle and enlist in Starfleet. At a party for one of the junior officers, Whiskers was admiring a rare sculpture when someone from behind bumped into him, which made him knock the priceless item off of its shelf. His hands holding a plate of food, he was unable to prevent the sculpture from falling. All he could do was watch
Then a furry tail shot out to wrap itself around the figurine and stop its plunge. Whiskers stared as the female feline gently plucked the item from her tail and placed it back in its place on the shelf. Aside from her vulgar use of her tail, she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen in his life. He had immediately fallen in love with her.
Four months later, they were joined as husband and wife. They were happy together on Earth, but eventually duty called them away from each other. She was a science specialist on the USS Hood, an Excelsior Class cruiser on patrol along the Romulan Neutral Zone, and her ship had finished repairs and was pulling out within a day. Whiskers, on the other hand, had taken a liking to post graduate school, especially in engineering. The USS Tikopai, a Heavy Cruiser, had been dry-docked, rebuilt and recommissioned with a new, young crew. No one was more surprised than Whiskers was when he found out that his orders not only told him to report to the Tikopai's engineering department, but as the Chief Engineer, complete with a promotion to Lieutenant.
The two saw each other infrequently over the next two years, but one day White Whiskers received a communication that he was going to be a father! Starseeker took a leave of absence and went home to Sivoa, to bear and raise their child. Whiskers insisted that their young daughter be brought up to know and respect both of her parent's cultures. Young Swiftwind to Ennin grew at a rapid pace. Eventually, she was old enough to live with relatives, so that her mother could go back on active duty.
During this time, Whiskers had befriended many crew members on the Tikopai, including the Chief Medical Officer, Arloth "Doc" Talghet, and Whisker's new assistant, Ensign Ur, a Gorn.
Most of the time was spent getting the bugs out of the Tikopai's system, which was boring. An occasional practical joke played on the Lieutenant, such as having the sonic shower spray hair remover all over him, broke the monotony. Soon, the Tikopai set sail.
Then one day, Captain Sommer came to visit White Whiskers bearing disturbing news. Three days earlier, while on patrol along the Neutral Zone, the USS Hood was attacked by two Warbirds. Although the Hood escaped, there were heavy casualties. Starseeker was among them.
Crushed, Whiskers took a leave of absence to attend the ceremonial funeral on Sivoa. he stayed there for two months, mourning his wife, but eventually he had to leave. He wanted his daughter to be with him, but he couldn't take her. So, he left her in the care of her relatives who had watched over her these past years.
Upon returning to Earth, Whiskers found out that many lives could have been saved were it not for some disastrous mistakes made by the Commanding Officer of the Hood. At that point, Whiskers cast aside his life in Engineering and went off to Command College. He was going to make sure that there would be one starship commander out there who would not make those same mistakes that would cost people their lives.
Two years later, the newly constructed USS Reliant sailed out of space dock and into the unknown, with Commander White Whiskers in the center seat. Having been impressed with the performance of many of his prior shipmates aboard the Tikopai, Whiskers secured their transfers to the Reliant to serve with him. It was like old times again.

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