The Reliant Task Force

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BY Rob Stevenson

Background to Arloth's story


The Story-lines for the ongoing saga of the Reliant seem to have bogged down somewhat, I intend to try and fill in a few gaps before the end of this year, at least create and publish Arloth's story and how he gets from DS-9 to command the Reliant in the Gamma Quadrant, to where we are today as a Task force of six to eight ships and assorted support vessels.

The list for the Task Force ships types so far are as follows;

 No. Type


 1 M.Carrier/ Cruiser  Long Range Recon & Operations  USS Reliant NCC-1864E
 2 Frigate  Recon & Mission Support  USS Triumphant
 2 Tug/Frigate  Transport & Resupply duty  
 1 Freighter  Manufactory/Supply Ship  UFPS Industrious
 2 L.Cruiser  Mission Support  USS Victory (NCC-1864D)
 2 Fighter Group  Combat & Spc. Ops. Support  163rd. Squadron
 (6-12 ships)  Space & Aerospace Combat  151st. Squadron
 3 Shuttle Group Special Operations & Recon.  93rd SOR Flight
 (8-12) craft Mission Support  162nd.
 MSF  Recovery, Search & Rescue  12th SO,S&R Squadron
 2 Voyager  L.R.Scout & Recon.  

Currently the following facts are known;
1) all Frigates can carry 6 fighters or 4 shuttles in addition to their regular complement.
2) all Tug ships can carry 4 fighters or 4 shuttles in addition to their regular complement.
3) all craft are minimally crewed, by NPC personae. Anyone wishing to transfer to another ship in the Task Force need only describe what department, section, shop they wish to assigned to (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF
SHIP S CO/ExO WHICH REQUIRES A STANDING RANK) and if there s a NPC in that billet they will be reassigned immediately!
4) All fighters and combat shuttles with crews will be rotated between the five ships in the TF with open bays. This is to provide better sharing of resources as well as allowing better coverage under combat conditions. Not to mention providing more variety in location for story lines.
If anyone has any other suggestions for names on types (use only existing, published Star Fleet types as source material please!) let me know and will do my best to work your ideas into what we have or will have!


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