Avakar Kathel

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BY Mike Taylor

Name:Avakar Kathel

Tek'lag province
Age:27{klingon years}
Father:Bateh Kathel
Mother:Ellanna Kathel
Siblings:{3} Kage, Seth,

[daughter} Katar
Date of Birth:December 25, 2441
Birthright:House of Bateh


Avakar Kathel was born on a below freezing night in the Tek'lag province of the Klingon Homeworld. He was born in December 25 2441 under the loving care of father Bateh Kathel and Ellanna Kathel{mother] Avakar and family were fortunate enough to be in what Earth standards would be middle-class ranking. So they had a small but direct line to the Klingon high councel.

Avakar was the firstborn out of the 4 siblings, so he was the first to learn the sacred art of unarmed and armed combat from his father Bateh.
Bateh of course learned his art from his father, and his father before him ect... Avakar always complained about his father's constant nagging to learn the family history. At the age of 7,Avakar learned the very fluent art of Klingon Tai-chi chuan. He later learned the art of the D'k Tahg knife,in which he became very perficiant at.

At the age of 9 Avakar learned the art of the Batleth. This was at first a problem for a couple of years of cut cheeks, broken jaws, and black eyes. He soon became extrordinarily adept at this weapon and even had the chance to
use it to defend his home against a band of Romulan invaders.

Avakar's history however, was one not just of battle and weaponry. He had to learn how to be a man as well. At the age of 12 he came upon the day of the Right of Assention. It was a wonderful and glorious time in Bateh and Ellanna hosted the lop'no.[klingon party} Suddenly Ellanna birthed the second son, Kage. Bateh put his arms around Avakar and said, "Boy, this is a day in which we should be proud of the life we have now.

The memory of that day was still etched in his mind as he laid there on the beach at the battle of Primus 3. Avakar laid there bleeding,weak,and on the verg of fainting. Twenty others survived out of 200 klingon soldiers fighting against the Romulan armada that had taken over that outpost 1 year ago.

Looking back, Avakar remembered the days when he helped his mother take care of Kage. He learned what it was truly like to be a klingon man. Learning how to be a warrior,teacher provider, and father figure. At the age of 21 he finally realized what his father said to him
when he was 12. At once everything became black. All at once Avakar and his comrades were beamed abaord a local neutral carrier. As Avakar opened his eyes he noticed a woman tending his wounds. She introduced herself
Freinan. Avakar had always since the time they met to the present time, remarked on how when she looked at you it was if she were gazing deep into your soul and could tell you all about yourself. She had a way of conversation even the deepest philosophers coiuldn't fathom. Funny thing was she didn't say much, and when she did, it made it easier to go on with life,even as a klingon. So Avakar and Freinan communicated sometimes after that incodent. They became the best of friends even over the com. link messages that were sent to the klingon homeworld.

At the age of 26, Avakar and the Vak'Tath Klingon ship landed at Starbase 12. Avakar decided to see what this Federation recruiting station was all about. Interrestingly enough he seemed to have liked the order of the Federation. He noticed that many of the Federation officers had a strict sence of duty
and honor to which position they were assigned in Starfleet. He smiled and walked over to the booth and said, :"I want to see what this Federation has to offer!" The frightened young cadet thought the mean klingon was joking.
The cadet suddenly realized that this monster of a man was serious. So Avakar joined Starfleet and began his duties aboard the U.S.S Reliant as a security officer. His father Bateh had deeply noted his opinion to his son but, Bateh knew that Avakar is a man now and a confident Klingon warrior.

Bateh gave his blessings as well as his mother. Avakar suddenly turned his head and saw surprisingly an old friend, Freinan. Freinan surprisingly enough became ships counceler and medical officer. Avakar later learned what race Freinan was as she told him , "Elorian". Now he understood her particular behavior. So at the age of 27, Avakar served under the command of
the Reliant and is now ebarking on many interresting Adventures.


Biography writen by Mike Taylor

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