By Captain. Arloth Talghet (T-14 days)

Greetings to all members of the Reliant.
All right, I KNOW I told that Yeoman to get my alarm clock fixed, but (Yawn) I guess I really did need the rest after all. Oh well at least nobody had to listen to my snoring! This will be my last article as your Commanding Officer. I step down after a year of efforts, some rewarded, some not, but all enlightening, and a part of my life I will remember always. I thank all of you who were a part of my journey as CO, and wish those who have left blue skies, and green pastures.
I leave you in the hands of a truly dedicated professional and honest-to-IDIC Fen who I know will be able to lead the club into stronger membership and more activities. My life has become more complicated than I had anticipated two years ago, when I first decided to return to the Reliant as a full-time active member. I intend to participate as much as I can in the future but I feel I cannot honestly commit to more than a semi-active membership for the near future.
I missed the last meeting due to a long planned and much needed vacation/marriage anniversary. I will let you know that it was wonderful to be able to eat, sleep and mess around in peace and quiet.

I plan to be available at Halloween, and Thanksgiving time, I will in all likelihood be unavailable during Christmas and missing at this New Years season events, and most likely be unavailable for a good portion of the next two quarters, but I always read my E-mail, and I will respond to any questions asked, not always immediately but I will answer. Again, please do NOT send E-Mail to my work address, I have been upgraded and am now under a lot of scrutiny from upper-level Managers
The Story-lines for the ongoing saga of the Reliant seem to have bogged down somewhat, I intend to try and fill in a few gaps before the end of this year, at least create and publish Arloth's story and how he gets from DS-9 to command the Reliant in the Gamma Quadrant, to where we are today as a Task force of six to eight ships and assorted support vessels. (details printed in the story section)

Live long and prosper but never forget how to have fun.

Arloth Talghet of Andor, Flt. Cptn. USS Reliant, NCC-1864E commanding.

AKA; Rob Stevenson, human being, trekker, loving husband & father