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Commodre White Whiskers (Chris Senft)

Hey, you hear the one about old El Nino? have. Well, never mind then. Welcome to another month in the life and times of the USS Reliant folks. I tell you, each month it is a different adventure for all, especially me. I have seen this club grow and shrink over the last five to six years. I have seen good times and I have seen bad times, and you know what? I wouldn't trade it for the world. Why? Friendship. Plain and simple friendship. When you stick around people for this long, you get to know them very well, or so one might think. I am talking about change. Change in the mind and more importantly, change in the heart. Change in the heart can only come by one thing and that is through growing up and maturing. Some do it early, while others do it late. *heh* Some never do it at all, though one has made a success of it in Hollywood. "Nanoo-Nanoo.....shazzzzbot!" *wink*
In the five years I have been a proud member of the Reliant, I have gone through some serious growing. In the beginning, I was full of energy, and on more than one occasion, full of myself. I really never saw it because I felt like I was popular. Well, popularity isn't everything because if somebody likes you because you are popular, then they don't really like you. A friend is a hard thing to come by. A friend is somebody who will do anything for you without blinking an eyelash. A friend is someone who can forgive your mistakes and see your true value for what it is. I am happy to say that I have a number of friends that I have met both before the Reliant, and through the Reliant. That fact alone makes this club a success in my eyes. But I digress.......
The last two years have seen a lot of changes in people and the Reliant. The club gets older and younger at the same time. We have a wonderful Cadet Corps on board......people full of energy and the desire to do something with it. We need to see that and utilize it. After that, acknowledge their great work, for if we do not, we will lose a tremendous asset for the club....the future. The future is an ever changing kaleidoscope of events and wonders beyond imagination. If we don't plan for the future, then the club will eventually see mothballs. That is something I do not want to see. The reliant is now in the First Grade, and I want to see her all the way through college. That takes dedication, and more importantly, maturity.

I have seen the way I have been, and have grown up because of it. I owe many thanks to certain people, both in the club and out of the club. Their deeds and actions are too numerous to list, but they are seen and appreciated. To all of you that have stuck it out, I give you my most heartfelt and sincere thanks.
This club cannot exist without the spirit all of you carry in your hearts. Yes, some of you only show up once in a blue moon while others practically own stock in the club. Neither is more important or less important. What counts is that if you come, you mean it and you want to. This club has a bright future ahead of it, but I need all of you...I mean *ALL* of you, to pitch in and help me accomplish one of my goals in of my dreams that I want to continue sharing with as many people as I possibly can. We have something truly incredible here. let us never waste this opportunity to change the future.
Carry on crewmates. Continue the proud traditions the Reliant has created, and never, ever look back.
Commodore White Whiskers of Vensre
Commanding Officer
USS Reliant, NCC-1864E

Editors Comments

Greetings fellow crewmates. Another month has arrived and
thus newsletter. To all those who contributed articles your
diversity of ideas and humor, although not understood, is still greatly appreciated. True Idic. Please feel free to contribute,
whether in art, stories, reports, or reviews. If submitted in time, it will be included.

This issue is being dedicated to my mom. Although she was not a member of the club, she always encouraged me to stick with the things I loved. She may have called Mr. Spock 'Spickity Spock', and not quite understood all the sci-fi or fantasy I enjoyed, but she allowed me the freedom to soar with my imagination and art throughout my life. This issue is in her honor and memory, and to all of our parents who let us spread our wings.

Ruth W. Bunn

Lt. T'Sev Editor-In-Chief

Web Communications

The guest book is up and working. Please, please, please sign it, and leave any comments to your hearts content.
There are a few new changes. We are now part of the Ship to Ship Ring (starships) on our front page, and our front counter has gone insane. Also, the latest activities are scrolling across the bottom of your browser. Please feel free to add.
Lt. T'Sev

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"Guns don't kill people...Class 2 Phasers do!"
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