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Commodre White Whiskers (Chris Senft)

Meow! Pffffttt!! Spit.....spit.....spit.... Yeah, and a 'hello' to you too, buster!

*ahem* Well, now that I have us fully docked at spaceport, I can proceed with my report. The USS Reliant has been diverted from her normal patrol duty along the Kizinti Corridor to Starbase 56 for some well deserved R&R. Billets for the crew will be handed out by Department Heads and I expect everybody to be on their best behavior at all times. I will not have a repeat of the mess the 63rd MSG and SAW-1 left behind at our last port of call.
Among the crew to be taking R&R this time out is our Executive Officer, Captain Serina Romanov (Sara Elsbernd). For well over the last year and a half, Sara has served as one of the Reliant's finest Executive Officers, many times going well above and beyond the call of duty. She has also served her current tour aboard the Reliant as our newsletter editor, making the Reliant Reflections a thorough and fun publication to read on a monthly basis. Her input during meetings and her playfulness at events made her one of the most worthwhile members this crew has seen in many years, especially considering how she came from a background of unappreciation on other ships she has served on in the past.

Her liberty is well deserved, and the Reliant will be hard pressed to find another XO of her caliber and quality. We will find a new XO, but we could never completely replace our outgoing one. To the Reliant's newest Captain, I thank her for her diligence in serving aboard
in the many positions she undertook, and I hope her rest is not only a well deserved one, but a well enjoyed one. If you happen to see her while on liberty, buy her a drink or tell her about the wonderful job she has done. But don't remember, she's not leaving the ship; she is just taking a rest from her responsibilities. So, her (and her well-known fern) will still be around for a long time to come.

Speaking of XO's, we are now looking for a new person to be XO. According to the Constitution, the XO must be at least 18 years of age, minimum and have a driver's license (as well as a car, to get around in). The XO helps the CO in making sure that all aspects of the ship are running smoothly and that the Captain doesn't shed any more fur, due to stress. The XO must attend the occasional

 Command Staff meetings and have a fresh attitude towards the ship. We are over five years old now, and due for a refit soon. Now is the perfect time to break in a new (or old?) XO for the job. If you are interested, leave a message with the Captain and I will make sure to respond promptly.

We have a new editor taking over the newsletter this month. Lieutenant (jg) Steve Bunn is taking a crack at newsletter production. All submissions need to go to him, as per his deadline procedure. I encourage everybody to submit something.
With the Reliant being in spacedock now, we are working on building the Task Force Fleet, beginning with the USS Cheyenne, a Destroyer Escort. Her Commanding Officer, Captain Thomas Wall, should be ready to launch within a couple of months. Crew assignments are being readied as we speak. Since she is a new class of vessel the majority of her crew will be experienced officers and enlisted personnel.

This completes my report for this duty cycle. As of now, I am going off duty and reporting for R&R. Lieutenant Wallace, you have the Con. Please try not to scratch the paint.
Commodore White Whiskers of Vensre
Commanding Officer
USS Reliant, NCC-1864E

Editors Comments

Welcome to my first attempt at the Reliant newsletter. Please be patient as we work out the bugs. I've never fancied myself an editor before, but here goes.
My first duty is to praise Sara for all the effortless work she put in maintaining the newsletter, keeping all the dates and activities straight. I can never hope to match the quality of articles she seemed to pull out of thin air to our neverending quest of Trek, B5, Star Wars, and every other fantasy line we could think of. She will be missed by me as not just a source of information, but as the heart of our club and dear friend. This is not to say goodbye to Sara, but instead a very big THANK YOU!!!!!!

It's only fitting then that I dedicate this issue to Sara, and hope she gets a bit of the same enjoyment out of this offering that she gave to us consistantly every month for so long.
Here's to my favorite fern! Enjoy your rest, and feel free to contribute anytime you like.

Web Communications

I'm redoing the web pages to include a direct link to our scrapbook, and we now have a guest book. Please be patient
with the scrapbook, as it takes some time to download. In the near future I'll be breaking the pages up by year and having a max of 6-8 thumbnails per page. The guest book is up and working. Please sign it, and leave any comments to your hearts content. Also check out our Star Quest Memories at:

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